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This directory contains the data behind the Complete History Of The NBA interactive. Data updated periodically. Game information is from Basketball-Reference.com.

In the data file nbaallelo.csv are the following variables:

Header Definition
gameorder Play order of game in NBA history
game_id Unique ID for each game
lg_id Which league the game was played in
_iscopy Each row of data is tied to a single team for a single game, so _iscopy flags if this game_id has already occured for the opposing team in the same matchup
year_id Season id, named based on year in which the season ended
date_game Game date
is_playoffs Flag for playoff games
team_id Three letter code for team name, from Basketball Reference
fran_id Franchise id. Multiple team_ids can fall under the same fran_id due to name changes or moves. Interactive is grouped by fran_id.
pts Points scored by team
elo_i Team elo entering the game
elo_n Team elo following the game
win_equiv Equivalent number of wins in a 82-game season for a team of elo_n quality
opp_id Team id of opponent
opp_fran Franchise id of opponent
opp_pts Points scored by opponent
opp_elo_i Opponent elo entering the game
opp_elo_n Opponent elo following the game
game_location Home (H), away (A), or neutral (N)
game_result Win or loss for team in the team_id column
forecast Elo-based chances of winning for the team in the team_id column, based on elo ratings and game location
notes Additional information

Data source: https://github.com/fivethirtyeight/data/blob/master/nba-elo/nbaallelo.csv

This data as .json

rowid gameorder game_id lg_id _iscopy year_id date_game seasongame is_playoffs team_id fran_id pts elo_i elo_n win_equiv opp_id opp_fran opp_pts opp_elo_i opp_elo_n game_location game_result forecast notes
43 22 194611130DTF NBA 0 1947 11/13/1946 5 0 DTF Falcons 68 1281.5839999999998 1275.3634 38.419146999999995 PRO Steamrollers 70 1307.223 1313.4436 H L 0.60540938  
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