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This table contains the data behind the story Elitist, Superfluous, Or Popular? We Polled Americans on the Oxford Comma.

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rowid RespondentID In your opinion, which sentence is more gramatically correct? Prior to reading about it above, had you heard of the serial (or Oxford) comma? How much, if at all, do you care about the use (or lack thereof) of the serial (or Oxford) comma in grammar? How would you write the following sentence? When faced with using the word "data", have you ever spent time considering if the word was a singular or plural noun? How much, if at all, do you care about the debate over the use of the word "data" as a singluar or plural noun? In your opinion, how important or unimportant is proper use of grammar? Gender Age Household Income Education Location (Census Region)
73 3291857979 It's important for a person to be honest, kind and loyal. Yes Some Some experts say it's important to drink milk, but the data is inconclusive. No Not much Very important Male 30-44 $100,000 - $149,999 High school degree New England
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