This table contains data behind the story We’ve Never Seen Congressional Resignations Like This Before.

congressional_resignations.csv contains information about the 615 members of Congress who resigned or were removed from office from March 4, 1901 (the first day of the 57th Congress) through January 15, 2018, including the resigning member’s party and district, the date they resigned, the reason for their resignation and the source of the information about their resignation.

The reasons are categorized as follows:

Code Category
X Unwanted sexual contact
A Consensual sex scandals
B Other scandals
C Other office
D Private sector
E Health/family
F Other
G Left early
H Military service
I Election overturned

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Link rowid ▼ Member Party District Congress Resignation Date Reason Source Category
1 Pat Tiberi R OH-12 115th 1/15/2018 Took a job with the Ohio Business Roundtable New York Times D
2 Al Franken D MN-SEN 115th 1/2/2018 Sexual harassment/groping/unwanted kissing Minneapolis Star Tribune X
3 Trent Franks R AZ-08 115th 12/8/2017 Sexual harassment/surrogacy pressure CNN X
4 John Conyers D MI-13 115th 12/5/2017 Sexual harassment/inappropriate touching Washington Post X
5 Tim Murphy R PA-18 115th 10/21/2017 Extramarital affair/abortion hypocrisy POLITICO A
6 Jason Chaffetz R UT-03 115th 6/30/2017 Took a job with FOX News POLITICO D
7 Ryan Zinke R MT-AL 115th 3/1/2017 Appointed to Trump administration Bozeman Daily Chronicle C
8 Mick Mulvaney R SC-05 115th 2/16/2017 Appointed to Trump administration Associated Press C
9 Tom Price R GA-06 115th 2/10/2017 Appointed to Trump administration GeorgiaPol C
10 Jeff Sessions R AL-SEN 115th 2/8/2017 Appointed to Trump administration Washington Examiner C
11 Xavier Becerra D CA-34 115th 1/24/2017 Appointed California attorney general Los Angeles Times C
12 Mike Pompeo R KS-04 115th 1/23/2017 Appointed to Trump administration NBC News C
13 Candice Miller R MI-10 114th 12/31/2016 Elected Macomb County public works commish Detroit News C
14 Janice Hahn D CA-44 114th 12/4/2016 Elected to LA County Board of Supervisors Los Angeles Times C
15 Ed Whitfield R KY-01 114th 9/6/2016 Ethics investigation Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting B
16 Chaka Fattah D PA-02 114th 6/23/2016 Corruption conviction POLITICO B
17 John Boehner R OH-08 114th 10/31/2015 Sick of fighting the Tea Party New York Times F
18 Aaron Schock R IL-18 114th 3/31/2015 Personal spending of government funds POLITICO B
19 Michael Grimm R NY-11 114th 1/5/2015 Tax evasion CNN B
20 Tom Coburn R OK-SEN 113th 1/3/2015 Self-imposed term limits/"shifting my focus elsewhere" The Oklahoman D & F
21 Eric Cantor R VA-07 113th 8/18/2014 Embarrassingly lost primary & majority leadership USA Today F
22 Rob Andrews D NJ-01 113th 2/18/2014 Ethics investigation; took a job as a lobbyist Philadelphia Inquirer B & D
23 Max Baucus D MT-SEN 113th 2/6/2014 Appointed to Obama administration The Missoulian C
24 Trey Radel R FL-19 113th 1/27/2014 Cocaine possession USA Today B
25 Mel Watt D NC-12 113th 1/6/2014 Appointed to Obama administration Camel City Dispatch C
26 Rodney Alexander R LA-05 113th 9/27/2013 Appointed Louisiana VA secretary Roll Call C
27 Jo Bonner R AL-01 113th 8/2/2013 Took a job with University of Alabama Roll Call D
28 Ed Markey D MA-05 113th 7/15/2013 Elected U.S. senator Boston Globe C
29 John Kerry D MA-SEN 113th 2/1/2013 Appointed to Obama administration Boston Globe C
30 Jo Ann Emerson R MO-08 113th 1/22/2013 Took a job with National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Washington Post D
31 Tim Scott R SC-01 112th 1/2/2013 Appointed U.S. senator U.S. House of Representatives C
32 Jim DeMint R SC-SEN 112th 1/1/2013 Took a job with the Heritage Foundation Washington Post D
33 Bob Filner D CA-51 112th 12/3/2012 Elected San Diego mayor USA Today C
34 Jesse Jackson Jr. D IL-02 112th 11/21/2012 Bipolar disorder; under criminal investigation New York Times B & E
35 Dennis Cardoza D CA-18 112th 8/15/2012 "Parenting challenges"; took a job with a law firm POLITICO D & E
36 Geoff Davis R KY-04 112th 7/31/2012 "Family health issue" POLITICO E
37 Thad McCotter R MI-11 112th 7/6/2012 Bungled presidential campaign led to family concerns Washington Post E & F
38 Jay Inslee D WA-01 112th 3/20/2012 To focus on his run for governor Roll Call C
39 Gabby Giffords D AZ-08 112th 1/25/2012 Recovery from gunshot injury CNN E
40 David Wu D OR-01 112th 8/3/2011 Sexual harassment/sex with teenage girl The Oregonian X
41 Anthony Weiner D NY-09 112th 6/21/2011 Extramarital affair/sexting New York Times A
42 Dean Heller R NV-02 112th 5/9/2011 Appointed U.S. senator Las Vegas Sun C
43 John Ensign R NV-SEN 112th 5/3/2011 Ethics investigation into extramarital affair Washington Post A
44 Jane Harman D CA-36 112th 2/28/2011 Took a job with the Woodrow Wilson Center Wilson Center D
45 Chris Lee R NY-26 112th 2/9/2011 Extramarital affair/shirtless photo ABC News A
46 Mark Kirk R IL-10 111th 11/29/2010 Elected U.S. senator Associated Press C
47 Mark Souder R IN-03 111th 5/21/2010 Extramarital affair Washington Post A
48 Nathan Deal R GA-09 111th 3/21/2010 To focus on his run for governor; ethics investigation CREW B & C
49 Eric Massa D NY-29 111th 3/8/2010 Sexual harassment/groping (same-sex) The Week X
50 Neil Abercrombie D HI-01 111th 2/28/2010 To focus on his run for governor NPR C
51 Robert Wexler D FL-19 111th 1/3/2010 Took a job with Middle East think tank Lexology D
52 John McHugh R NY-23 111th 9/21/2009 Appointed to Obama administration New York Times C
53 Mel Martinez R FL-SEN 111th 9/9/2009 "To move on," spend time with family; later joined lobbying firm New York Times D & E
54 Ellen Tauscher D CA-10 111th 6/26/2009 Appointed to Obama administration KNTV C
55 Hilda Solis D CA-32 111th 2/24/2009 Appointed to Obama administration Associated Press C
56 Kirsten Gillibrand D NY-20 111th 1/26/2009 Appointed U.S. senator New York Daily News C
57 Hillary Clinton D NY-SEN 111th 1/21/2009 Appointed to Obama administration CNN C
58 Ken Salazar D CO-SEN 111th 1/20/2009 Appointed to Obama administration Denver Post C
59 Joe Biden D DE-SEN 111th 1/15/2009 Elected vice president CNN C
60 Rahm Emanuel D IL-05 110th 1/2/2009 Appointed to Obama administration CNN C
61 Tom Davis R VA-11 110th 11/24/2008 Took a job with Deloitte Washington Post D
62 Barack Obama D IL-SEN 110th 11/16/2008 Elected president CNN C
63 Albert Wynn D MD-04 110th 5/31/2008 Took a job with a law firm after losing primary Washington Post D & F
64 Richard Baker R LA-06 110th 2/2/2008 Took a job with the Managed Funds Association New Orleans Times-Picayune D
65 Bobby Jindal R LA-01 110th 1/14/2008 Elected Louisiana governor Reuters C
66 Roger Wicker R MS-01 110th 12/31/2007 Appointed U.S. senator The Guardian C
67 Trent Lott R MS-SEN 110th 12/18/2007 "Time left to do something else"; founded a lobbying firm New York Times D
68 Dennis Hastert R IL-14 110th 11/26/2007 No reason given, but had lost the speaker's gavel FOX News F
69 Marty Meehan D MA-05 110th 7/1/2007 Took a job with University of Massachusetts Associated Press D
70 Bob Ney R OH-18 109th 11/3/2006 Pleaded guilty to Abramoff influence-peddling scandal Associated Press B
71 Mark Foley R FL-16 109th 9/29/2006 Sexting with underage pages (same-sex) Washington Post X
72 Tom DeLay R TX-22 109th 6/9/2006 Campaign finance laundering & Abramoff scandal involvement New York Times B
73 Jon Corzine D NJ-SEN 109th 1/17/2006 Elected New Jersey governor U.S. Congress C
74 Bob Menendez D NJ-13 109th 1/16/2006 Appointed U.S. senator New York Times C
75 Duke Cunningham R CA-50 109th 12/1/2005 Bribery and tax evasion San Diego Union-Tribune B
76 Christopher Cox R CA-48 109th 8/2/2005 Appointed to Bush administration Securities & Exchange Commission C
77 Rob Portman R OH-02 109th 4/29/2005 Appointed to Bush administration New York Times C
78 Porter Goss R FL-14 108th 9/23/2004 Appointed to Bush administration CQ Almanac C
79 Doug Bereuter R NE-01 108th 8/31/2004 Took a job with the Asia Foundation CQ Almanac D
80 Frank Ballance D NC-01 108th 6/11/2004 Ill health; fraud and money laundering Associated Press B & E
81 Bill Janklow R SD-AL 108th 1/20/2004 Convicted of manslaughter for a fatal car accident Minnesota Public Radio B
82 Ernie Fletcher R KY-06 108th 12/8/2003 Elected Kentucky governor Fletcher/Pence Inaugural C
83 Larry Combest R TX-19 108th 5/31/2003 Wife lost DC-area job, wanted to spend more time with her Plainview Daily Herald E
84 Frank Murkowski R AK-SEN 107th 12/2/2002 Elected Alaska governor U.S. Congress C
85 Tony Hall D OH-03 107th 9/9/2002 Appointed to Bush administration New York Times C
86 James Traficant D OH-17 107th 7/24/2002 Convicted of bribery, tax evasion, and racketeering CNN B
87 Steve Largent R OK-01 107th 2/15/2002 To focus on his run for governor The Oklahoman C
88 Joe Scarborough R FL-01 107th 9/5/2001 To spend more time with his sons Northwest Florida Daily News E
89 Asa Hutchinson R AR-03 107th 8/6/2001 Appointed to Bush administration Log Cabin Democrat C
90 Bud Shuster R PA-09 107th 2/5/2001 Ethics rebuke; "health scares" ABC News B & E
91 Bob Livingston R LA-01 106th 3/1/1999 Extramarital affairs New York Times A
92 Newt Gingrich R GA-06 106th 1/3/1999 Faced caucus revolt after disappointing midterm New York Times F
93 Ron Dellums D CA-09 105th 2/6/1998 "To do other things"; ended up consulting for healthcare company Washington Post D
94 Floyd Flake D NY-06 105th 11/17/1997 To focus on his job as church pastor New York Times D
95 Thomas Foglietta D PA-01 105th 11/11/1997 Appointed to Clinton administration Associated Press C
96 Susan Molinari R NY-13 105th 8/2/1997 Took a job with CBS CNN D
97 Bill Richardson D NM-03 105th 2/13/1997 Appointed to Clinton administration San Francisco Chronicle C
98 Ray Thornton D AR-02 104th 1/1/1997 Elected Arkansas Supreme Court justice U.S. Congress C
99 Sam Brownback R KS-02 104th 11/7/1996 Elected U.S. senator U.S. House of Representatives C
100 Charlie Wilson D TX-02 104th 10/8/1996 Probably to start clock on lobbyist waiting period Longview News-Journal D

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