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This table contains data behind the story 41 Percent of Fliers Say It’s Rude To Recline Your Airplane Seat.

flying-etiquette.csv contains the results of a SurveyMonkey survey commissioned by FiveThirtyEight for the story.

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rowid RespondentID How often do you travel by plane? Do you ever recline your seat when you fly? How tall are you? Do you have any children under 18? In a row of three seats, who should get to use the two arm rests? In a row of two seats, who should get to use the middle arm rest? Who should have control over the window shade? Is itrude to move to an unsold seat on a plane? Generally speaking, is it rude to say more than a few words tothe stranger sitting next to you on a plane? On a 6 hour flight from NYC to LA, how many times is it acceptable to get up if you're not in an aisle seat? Under normal circumstances, does a person who reclines their seat during a flight have any obligation to the person sitting behind them? Is itrude to recline your seat on a plane? Given the opportunity, would you eliminate the possibility of reclining seats on planes entirely? Is it rude to ask someone to switch seats with you in order to be closer to friends? Is itrude to ask someone to switch seats with you in order to be closer to family? Is it rude to wake a passenger up if you are trying to go to the bathroom? Is itrude to wake a passenger up if you are trying to walk around? In general, is itrude to bring a baby on a plane? In general, is it rude to knowingly bring unruly children on a plane? Have you ever used personal electronics during take off or landing in violation of a flight attendant's direction? Have you ever smoked a cigarette in an airplane bathroom when it was against the rules? Gender Age Household Income Education Location (Census Region)
323 3433060473 Once a month or less About half the time 6'3" No The person in the middle seat gets both arm rests The arm rests should be shared Everyone in the row should have some say No, not rude at all No, not at all rude Twice Yes, they should not recline their chair if the person behind them asks them not to Yes, somewhat rude Yes Yes, somewhat rude No, not at all rude Yes, somewhat rude Yes, somewhat rude