This table contains data behind the 2014 NCAA Tournament Predictions.

Data license: CC Attribution 4.0 License · Data source: fivethirtyeight/data on GitHub · About: simonw/fivethirtyeight-datasette

1 row where team_seed = "11a"

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Link rowid ▼ team_id team_name team_seed team_region playin_flag team_alive rd1_win rd2_win rd3_win rd4_win rd5_win rd6_win rd7_win win_odds
45 2294 Iowa 11a Midwest 1 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 --

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CREATE TABLE "march-madness-predictions/bracket-22" (
"team_id" INTEGER,
  "team_name" TEXT,
  "team_seed" TEXT,
  "team_region" TEXT,
  "playin_flag" INTEGER,
  "team_alive" INTEGER,
  "rd1_win" INTEGER,
  "rd2_win" REAL,
  "rd3_win" REAL,
  "rd4_win" REAL,
  "rd5_win" REAL,
  "rd6_win" REAL,
  "rd7_win" REAL,
  "win_odds" TEXT