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This directory contains data behind the story What Do Men Think It Means To Be A Man?.

masculinity-survey.csv contains the results of a survey of 1,615 adult men conducted by SurveyMonkey in partnership with FiveThirtyEight and WNYC Studios from May 10-22, 2018. The modeled error estimate for this survey is plus or minus 2.5 percentage points. The percentages have been weighted for age, race, education, and geography using the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to reflect the demographic composition of the United States age 18 and over. Crosstabs with less than 100 respondents have been left blank because responses would not be statistically significant.

raw-responses.csv contains all 1,615 responses to the survey including the weights for each response. Responses to open-ended questions have been omitted, including those where a respondent explained what they meant by selecting the "other" option in response to a question.

masculinity-survey.pdf contains the questions corresponding to the colums in the raw responses file.

Data source: https://github.com/fivethirtyeight/data/blob/master/masculinity-survey/raw-responses.csv

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rowid Unnamed: 0 StartDate EndDate q0001 q0002 q0004_0001 q0004_0002 q0004_0003 q0004_0004 q0004_0005 q0004_0006 q0005 q0007_0001 q0007_0002 q0007_0003 q0007_0004 q0007_0005 q0007_0006 q0007_0007 q0007_0008 q0007_0009 q0007_0010 q0007_0011 q0008_0001 q0008_0002 q0008_0003 q0008_0004 q0008_0005 q0008_0006 q0008_0007 q0008_0008 q0008_0009 q0008_0010 q0008_0011 q0008_0012 q0009 q0010_0001 q0010_0002 q0010_0003 q0010_0004 q0010_0005 q0010_0006 q0010_0007 q0010_0008 q0011_0001 q0011_0002 q0011_0003 q0011_0004 q0011_0005 q0012_0001 q0012_0002 q0012_0003 q0012_0004 q0012_0005 q0012_0006 q0012_0007 q0013 q0014 q0015 q0017 q0018 q0019_0001 q0019_0002 q0019_0003 q0019_0004 q0019_0005 q0019_0006 q0019_0007 q0020_0001 q0020_0002 q0020_0003 q0020_0004 q0020_0005 q0020_0006 q0021_0001 q0021_0002 q0021_0003 q0021_0004 q0022 q0024 q0025_0001 q0025_0002 q0025_0003 q0026 q0028 q0029 q0030 q0034 q0035 q0036 race2 racethn4 educ3 educ4 age3 kids orientation weight
13 13 5/11/18 5:50 5/11/18 5:53 Very masculine Somewhat important Father or father figure(s) Not selected Other family members Not selected Not selected Not selected No Sometimes Sometimes Never, but open to it Never, but open to it Never, and not open to it Often Never, and not open to it Sometimes Sometimes Never, but open to it Rarely Not selected Your weight Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected Not employed, NOT looking for work                                               No Sometimes               Read their physical body language to see if they are interested Not selected Make a physical move to see how they react Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected Not selected None of the above No Married Not selected Not selected No children Straight White College graduate Florida $125,000-$149,999 South Atlantic MacOS Desktop / Laptop White White College or more College or more 35 - 64 No children Straight 0.545344405
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