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This directory contains the data and code behind the story The Dallas Shooting Was Among The Deadliest For Police In U.S. History. The primary source of data is the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP), started in 1996 by a college student who is now a police officer and who continues to maintain the database.

File descriptions:

File Description
scrape.R Scrapes data on the death of every officer tracked on ODMP
all_data.csv Output of scrape.R
clean.R Takes the data in all_data.csv, cleans it and formats the dates correctly, and tags every entry as human or canine.
clean_data.csv Output of clean.R
plot.R Summarizes police deaths by category and generates a plot similar to the one below

Data source: https://github.com/fivethirtyeight/data/blob/master/police-deaths/clean_data.csv

This data as json

rowid person dept eow cause cause_short date year canine dept_name state
25 Watchman Steven Heimer Philadelphia Police Department, PA EOW: Tuesday, January 8, 1828 Cause of Death: Gunfire Gunfire 1828-01-08 1828 0 Philadelphia Police Department PA
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