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Files in this directory contain data from a SurveyMonkey News Survey conducted in partnership with FiveThirtyEight and include crosstabs of Trump voters who were excited to vote for Trump versus those who were not.

file survey dates
february_2018_responses.xlsx February 12 - 19, 2018
august_2017_responses.xlsx August 18 - 21, 2017
may_2017_responses.xlsx May 26 - June 4, 2017
april_2017_responses.xlsx April 18 - 23, 2017
march_2017_responses.xlsx March 31 - April 7, 2017

Data license: CC Attribution 4.0 License · Data source: fivethirtyeight/data on GitHub · About: simonw/fivethirtyeight-datasette

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rowid q1 issue_matters_most trump_approval q4 q5 q6 q7 q8 q9 q10 q11 q12 q13 q14 q15 new_who_vote_for_in_election q17 q18 q19 q20 registered_voter ideology party_id party_lean gender race education state zip_code q30 age race2 racethn4 educ3 educ4 region division age6 q39 party5 q41 q42 q43 q44 q45 q46 q47 q48 q49 q50 q51 q52 q53 q54 q55 q56 q57 q58 q59 q60 q61 q62 q63 q64 weight filter__
208 6691173164 Jobs and the economy Somewhat disapprove Democratic Party candidate Will probably vote         I have never voted in a general election Somewhat disapprove Same Offered a chance to apply for legal status Support Somewhat disapprove Did not vote   Yes About the right amount of attention Very serious Yes, registered to vote at current address Moderate Democrat   Male Black College graduate New Jersey     22 Non-white Black College or more College or more Northeast Middle Atlantic 18 - 24 Male Democrat Non-white College Grad Non-White Black Other Black Mid Atlantic College/grad degree Non white: College grad 18-44: Men Non-College: Women All non-white Moderate Will probably vote Democrat/lean dem Dem: Mod/cons/na Yes   Mid Atlantic 2 Total disapprove   2018-02-13 2018-02-12 2018-02-12 22:00:00 completed 1.80268903495592 Selected