This table contains data behind the story How 'Qi' And 'Za' Changed Scrabble.

Header Definition
gameid A numerical game ID
tourneyid A numerical tournament ID
tie A binary variable indicating if the game ended in a tie
winnerid A numerical ID for the winning player
winnername The name of the winning player
winnerscore The score of the winning player
winneroldrating The winner’s rating before the game
winnernewrating The winner’s rating after the game
winnerpos The winner’s position in the tournament
loserid A numerical ID for the losing player
loserscore The score of the losing player
loseroldrating The loser’s rating before the game
losernewrating The loser’s rating after the game
loserpos The loser’s position in the tournament
round The round of the tournament in which the game took place
division The division of the tournament in which the game took place
date The date of the game
lexicon A binary variable indicating if the game’s lexicon was the main North American lexicon (False) or the international lexicon (True)


Data license: CC Attribution 4.0 License · Data source: fivethirtyeight/data on GitHub · About: simonw/fivethirtyeight-datasette

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