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This table contains data behind the story Why Some Tennis Matches Take Forever.


Header Definition
server Name of player serving at 2015 French Open
seconds_before_next_point Time in seconds between end of marked point and next serve, timed by stopwatch app
day Date
opponent Opponent, receiving serve
game_score Score in the current game during the timed interval between points
set Set number, out of five
game Score in games within the set


Header Definition
player Player name
seconds_added_per_point Weighted average of seconds added per point as loser and winner of matches, 1991-2015, from regression model controlling for tournament, surface, year and other factors


Header Definition
tournament Name of event
surface Court surface used at the event
seconds_added_per_point Seconds added per point for this event on this surface in years shown, from regression model controlling for players, year and other factors
years Start and end years for data used from this tournament in regression

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rowid server seconds_before_next_point day opponent game_score set game
25 Nicolas Almagro 24 28-May-15 Rafael Nadal 30-0 1 1-3
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