us-weather-history/KNYC: 78

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Code file Description Downloads weather data web pages from Weather Underground Parses the weather data from Weather Underground into a flat CSV file Creates the visualization of the weather data


Column Description
date The date of the weather record, formatted YYYY-M-D
actual_mean_temp The measured average temperature for that day
actual_min_temp The measured minimum temperature for that day
actual_max_temp The measured maximum temperature for that day
average_min_temp The average minimum temperature on that day since 1880
average_max_temp The average maximum temperature on that day since 1880
record_min_temp The lowest ever temperature on that day since 1880
record_max_temp The highest ever temperature on that day since 1880
record_min_temp_year The year that the lowest ever temperature occurred
record_max_temp_year The year that the highest ever temperature occurred
actual_precipitation The measured amount of rain or snow for that day
average_precipitation The average amount of rain or snow on that day since 1880
record_precipitation The highest amount of rain or snow on that day since 1880

Source: Weather Underground

Data license: CC Attribution 4.0 License · Data source: fivethirtyeight/data on GitHub · About: simonw/fivethirtyeight-datasette

This data as json, copyable

rowid date actual_mean_temp actual_min_temp actual_max_temp average_min_temp average_max_temp record_min_temp record_max_temp record_min_temp_year record_max_temp_year actual_precipitation average_precipitation record_precipitation
78 2014-9-16 64 58 70 61 75 47 93 1966 1915 0.37 0.15 5.02