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This table contains data behind the story The Twins’ Magical Run Will Likely Go Through The Yankees. (Because Of Course.)

quasi_winshares.csv contains Quasi-Win Shares (QWS), prorated to 162 team games, for every player from 1901 as of Sept. 27, 2019.

Column Description
name_common Player name
age Player's age on June 30 of season
player_ID Player's ID
year_ID Season
team_ID Baseball-Reference ID of team
lg_ID League of team
pct_PT Share of total team playing time (measured by plate appearances and leverage-weighted innings) for player
WAR162 Wins Above Replacement per 162 team games, averaging B-R and FG WAR
def_pos Defensive positions played, in order of innings/games. (Will not include DH or any position for players with 0 PA.)
quasi_ws Quasi Win Shares. Three times total wins created per 162 games; generated by adding WAR162 to wins BELOW replacement (determined by playing time) and rounding to nearest whole number
stint_ID Order of team stints for player within season
franch_id Lahman DB franchise ID for team
prev_franch Previous franchise played for (NULL if player debuted for team)
year_acq First season for player with that franchise
year_left Last season for player with that franchise
next_franch Next franchise played for (NULL if player retired with or is currently on team)

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This data as json

rowid name_common age player_ID year_ID team_ID lg_ID pct_PT WAR162 def_pos quasi_ws stint_ID franch_id prev_franch year_acq year_left next_franch
65 Adeiny Hechavarria 30 hechaad01 2019 ATL NL 0.634746922 0.6469811320000001 2B, SS, 3B 3 2 ATL NYM 2019 2019  
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